The Colosseum by Night

Colosseum by Night

I was instructed, nay ordered, to visit the Colosseum at Night to capture this photograph. Recently pedestrianised, capturing this HDR photograph was not as easy as I hoped due to the road still being opened to taxis and emergency vehicles. Without wanting to state the obvious, the Colosseum is also a very large ancient building, and therefore even wide open …

alistairColosseum by Night
The Golden Roman Forum

The Roman Forum: in Gold

I look at this photograph of the Roman Forum and fill in the blanks – how majestic the scene would be two millennia ago! The sun was low as I took this – hence the golden hue cast across the scene. Processing This image was a seven-exposure HDR on the Canon 6D, using native bracketing. Post-processing in Photomatix and Adobe Photoshop …

alistairThe Roman Forum: in Gold
St Peter's Basilica Looking Down the Via della Conciliazione

St Peter’s Basilica Looking Down the Via della Conciliazione

Iconic, by any definition, to the extreme; there can be few views as captivating as St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, the Catholic State in the centre of Rome. Processing The level of contrast and general habit led this to be a seven-exposure HDR on my beloved Canon 6D. Post-processing in Photomatix and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Heavy vignetting (I …

alistairSt Peter’s Basilica Looking Down the Via della Conciliazione
Canterbury Cathedral - Choir Screen

Canterbury Cathedral – Choir Screen

Perspective is such that you’ll rarely see a shot such as this of the Choir Screen in Canterbury Cathedral. As you progress through the Nave, you are required to ascend steps to this screen. I have deliberately shot this with a head-on perspective. Processing Seven-bracket HDR photograph (seems pointless keep stepping down to three as the 6D handles it) taken …

alistairCanterbury Cathedral – Choir Screen
I know I have lost... (and forgotten)

I know I have lost… (and forgotten)

I’d seen this image in a variety of places, and using Flickr’s Geolocation facilities I tracked it down. In the light of day it wasn’t nearly as atmospheric as I’d hoped, so I’d like to revisit later at night. It’s not nearly as “UrbEx” as it seems, only about two minutes from the Thames and five from London Bridge! Processing …

alistairI know I have lost… (and forgotten)
Viva la ambiance - Canterbury Cathedral - The Nave

Viva la ambiance – Canterbury Cathedral – The Nave

Photographers, especially wedding photographers, with Flash powered websites that blare out music when you enter them (frequently with no discernible way of turning them off) upset me. Which is a shame, as I think this image of the Nave at Canterbury Cathedral could do with Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor playing for atmosphere. So for those who would …

alistairViva la ambiance – Canterbury Cathedral – The Nave
City Hall

City Hall, London – Home of the Greater London Authority

City Hall is currently the home of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Six hundred full time staff are employed in this building, which despite the unusual shape, is one of the few pieces of modern architecture that doesn’t have a sobriquet (to my knowledge)! Processing Seven-bracket HDR photograph (sharp contrast between shadows and lights) taken using the built-in function on the Canon …

alistairCity Hall, London – Home of the Greater London Authority
Canterbury Cathedral - The Nave

Canterbury Cathedral – The Nave

Looking West down the Nave (an interesting fact is that most Cathedrals “point” from West to East) with a wide angle lens you can see the sublime 600 year old structure of Canterbury Cathedral. It was designed by Henry Yevele and is 26.5m (82ft) high (a photograph looking up will follow). Much of the window at the end of the …

alistairCanterbury Cathedral – The Nave