The Opening of Tower Bridge

The Opening of Tower Bridge

Sometimes a shot gets nailed first time, others take ages. This shot was an amazing bit of fortune, as I walked up to London Bridge, as Tower Bridge was opening – that’s the good part. Post-processing was a nightmare though. This is the third iteration of the image, hope you like the effect – there were two failed attempts to …

alistairThe Opening of Tower Bridge

Burnt-out Bus

This bus was left after the 8th August 2011 Croydon Riots, it was still smoking the following day, and left a 15 foot radius of tar and ash (which I leant on)

alistairBurnt-out Bus


A trip into Croydon (initially to get my car fixed and still waiting) and seems Argos had been the victim of  looting. Not quite sure how someone has left the scene of the crime with one of their Nikes missing…

Cyberpunk - Canary Wharf

More Cyberpunk – London

There can’t be many places in the world that are as versatile to photograph as London. Despite my love for the Cyberpunk genre and moody photographs, I’ve spent woefully little time in Canary Wharf. Here is a shot of Canada Square; I hope William Gibson would be proud!

alistairMore Cyberpunk – London
Rolls Royce Malaise

Rolls Royce, in Noir

An evening listening to grime, dubstep and urban noise has lead today’s post to be a little… well… dark! Needless to say this photograph won’t make it to the album in this state, but enjoy!

alistairRolls Royce, in Noir