HDR Photograph of the Manhattan skyline

HDR photograph of Manhattan skyline

I decided to lead with the best, and personally this is my favourite view of Manhattan. I’ve just returned from a three day break in New York; my wife’s birthday present, our second honeymoon and also this HDR Photograph of the Manhattan skyline was taken on my birthday. We had a wonderful dinner at the┬áRiver Cafe, which sits under Brooklyn …

alistairHDR photograph of Manhattan skyline
Hastings pier

Hastings pier

I have fond memories of Hastings’ pier, from when I was a child. I grew up in Maidstone, and we adopted it as our own beach venue! Crazy golf when it was nice, and hours spent in the amusements when it was raining; Hastings dove have it’s fair share of entertainment. Needless to say wet weekends in Hastings led, in …

alistairHastings pier