I’ll bear the cost of a first of a meeting. If you like me and what I can do, we may agree to meet again, but if you’re well prepared we can cover off the essentials at this stage. Email is great as we can agree much of the minutia of planning that way!

When we meet I’ll need to find out what’s important to you, with the best will in the world you’re going to have spent many, many more hours planning for your wedding than I will! I would imagine already you’ve got a good idea on:

  • Whether the wedding is traditional, contemporary or the downright casual? Should photography be predominantly Traditional (Posed) or Candid (Photojournalistic). I’m far more comfortable when I don’t have to organise much more than a handful of posed shots and can spend my time grabbing photos of the Best Man with his eyes closed.
  • How many shots are you expecting? 200-300 is a typical minimum, but as my T&Cs dictate – poor weather can sometimes cause issues.
  • Your budget – boring I know, but a photo album can be anything from £30 to £300, and often even more. I’ll work a fixed price service and currently can offer you a royalty-free (but I retain copyright) DVD with several hundred high resolution images.
  • Any photos you must have? It’s very hard to promise every entry on a 20 item list will be attained, but if your Great Aunt Maude is coming all the way from New Zealand, let me know.
  • Any other noteworthy family situations – not just seperated parents, or feuding siblings; if you have children, they’re likely to be a big part of your day!
  • Let me know any restrictions on photography – for example some churches may prohibit flash photography (this can be a good thing to avoid me competing for light with your guests!)
  • Any areas or locations that are important to you – examples could be; the church before guests arrive, empty meal tables before guests arrive post wedding, wedding suite, decorated wedding transport / getaway car etc.
  • Do you want me to photograph before the wedding at the Bride or Groom’s place? Or both? Or neither?
  • Do you want me to photograph any evening event? (NB: This is very difficult as I generally avoid a flash and lighting can be awkward)
  • How much retouching (Photoshopping) do you need / expect? Photoshop can turn a great photo into a breathtaking one. (NB: This is not an advert for Adobe!)

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