Natural History Museum Main Hall

Natural History Museum Main Hall

Built from 1873-1880, and opened in 1811, the National History Museum is one of my favourite non-religious buildings in London. This photograph is of the main entry hall.

alistairNatural History Museum Main Hall

Mrs Cunningham bakes a cake

A belated birthday present for our daughter. This is two eight-inch cake tins, fruit pastilles and raspberry bootlaces, with lashings of icing. Isn’t she talented?!

alistairMrs Cunningham bakes a cake

Chocolate Heaven

A special offer at Tesco’s lead to a bit of indulgence. Everyone of the Green & Black’s chocolate range is featured above. For the chocolate geeks amongst you: Hazelnut & Currant Cherry Dark 85% Dark 70% Mint White Milk Espresso Caramel Almond Creamy Milk Ginger Maya Gold

alistairChocolate Heaven

Crocuses (Crocii) in St James’ Park

A trip to London to celebrate half term, and spring has finally sprung! Took the opportunity to get down low, and highlights how badly I need a new tripod! This was as low as I could get, and feel the image would be enhanced with a better ‘pod!

alistairCrocuses (Crocii) in St James’ Park

Bofors Tower in Caterham in the Snow

I wanted to take a photograph of the snow, but being in the office in Caterham all week has left me with only night-time hours to do this. I also wasn’t keen on walking down the 25% hill to the valley in the ice with my camera. So I’ve returned to an old favourite – the Bofors tower off Burntwood …

alistairBofors Tower in Caterham in the Snow

Three sets of three simple rules for using Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for some time and I came up with three sets of three simple rules from the mass of information I’ve read. I’ve refrained from giving reasons for all the rules, you can find them on Google. Prepare: Create a landing page  for people to be drawn towards, e.g. blog, LinkedIn etc. Connect your profiles link Facebook to Twitter …

alistairThree sets of three simple rules for using Twitter