And now for something completely different…

For my 100th post I thought I’d go for something different, so what could be more different than dystopian, HDR, photographs of buildings in London? How about a vibrant, normal range, photograph of a butterfly? (this was also taken with my old EOS 40D rather than the 5D mkii) Enjoy!

alistairAnd now for something completely different…

Mayfield Lavender – The Tree

Another shot from last year, but post-processed to be a little more grungey! A taste for what’s coming at the weekend; in my view there’s nothing more stunning than the classically beautiful, capture in an unconventional way…

alistairMayfield Lavender – The Tree

Mayfield Lavender

One from the archive Рthis is a shot of some lavender shot at Mayfield Lavender (near Banstead) exactly one year ago. I hope to visit this weekend and get some more shots of the lavender (but it will be very different Рread: moody!).

alistairMayfield Lavender

Crocuses (Crocii) in St James’ Park

A trip to London to celebrate half term, and spring has finally sprung! Took the opportunity to get down low, and highlights how badly I need a new tripod! This was as low as I could get, and feel the image would be enhanced with a better ‘pod!

alistairCrocuses (Crocii) in St James’ Park