I know I have lost... (and forgotten)

I know I have lost… (and forgotten)

I’d seen this image in a variety of places, and using Flickr’s Geolocation facilities I tracked it down. In the light of day it wasn’t nearly as atmospheric as I’d hoped, so I’d like to revisit later at night. It’s not nearly as “UrbEx” as it seems, only about two minutes from the Thames and five from London Bridge! Processing …

alistairI know I have lost… (and forgotten)

Boat House

I spotted this awesome boat, which has been upturned, then converted to some type of building just outside Dover, in Kent. The surface has been weathered and then etched with graffiti.

alistairBoat House
Door to the bunker

Door to the bunker

This is not an overly dramatic title. This genuinely is a door to the bunker. The bunker is under Kenley aerodrome (also known as RAF Kenley). Kenley Aerodrome is only a stone’s throw from my house in Caterham, Surrey and a great venue for walking or riding. I understand that pilots would shelter in these bunkers, which were only metres …

alistairDoor to the bunker