The Iron Boot Scrapers

Jazz? Washboard? Skiffle? To be honest I was struggling to slap a genre on The Iron Boot Scrapers – but this awesome band, who’s repartee was as diverse as Metallica to Lady Gaga, were certainly worthy of several shots, and their presence at a great venue (Oxford Town Hall) capped off an excellent day… The band attended Martin Lang’s wedding; …

alistairThe Iron Boot Scrapers
Bus to nowhere

We’re so pretty, oh so pretty

I imagine many people won’t get this picture, if you do – I’m impressed – I keep meaning to do a ‘likes good music’ list on Twitter; chances are you should probably on it (unless you don’t use Twitter of course). In any regard, I stumbled across this pub in Deptford, which was well stocked with music lovers; and what …

alistairWe’re so pretty, oh so pretty