Notre Dame de Paris

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

Walt Disney built this cathedral for the purposes of filming “Hunchback”, his story of Quasimodo, a hideous half-man who was cursed to roam the towers. In 1979 the cathedral was sold back to the city of Paris for 200 French Francs. Processing This was nine exposure HDR using Triggertrap on a Canon 6D and Google Nexus 5. Post-processing in Photoshop CC to remove some of …

alistairCathedrale Notre Dame de Paris
La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel

A cold war of architecture was waged in the Western world during what the period that the British know as “the Victorian Era”. The last two decades of Victoria’s reign saw London build St Pancras (1877) and the Natural History museum (1881) while Gaudi built the Casa Vincens in Barcelona (1889). The Americans offered us the Home Insurance Building – the first skyscraper …

alistairLa Tour Eiffel
Restaurant Lapérouse

Restaurant Lapérouse, Paris

Restaurant Lapérouse would appear to be based in an historic mansion which celebrates its quarter millennium in 2016. Overlooking the Île de la Cité, I captured this image with my back to the Seine and, in turn, Notre-Dame de Paris. Processing This was seven exposure HDR using native Canon 6D bracketing. Post-processing in Photomatix to bring out the summer punch …

alistairRestaurant Lapérouse, Paris
Pyramide du Louvre

Pyramide du Louvre

The pyramid is the iconic entrance to the underground lobby which offers access to the Louvre museum famous for its many paintings including the Mona Lisa. Trivia Contrary to urban myth (and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code) the Pyramide du Louvre is made up of 673 panes of glass, not 666. Processing This was a seven exposure HDR using native …

alistairPyramide du Louvre
École du Louvre

École du Louvre

The École du Louvre may well be my favourite building in Paris, as it so atmospheric; I had to shoot it at night – there’s something ‘Addams Family’ going on. Trivia Surrounding “the Pyramid”, the classic image of the Louvre, are many buildings which form part of the extended museum of the Louvre in Paris. This building adjoins these walls (the Palais …

alistairÉcole du Louvre