Wakehurst Place

Wakehurst Place

I imagine it’s not possible to have an interest in Photography, Architecture; or architectural photography without being a member of the National Trust. Of course I am, and Wakehurst Place is both (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful buildings in the National Trust portfolio (though there are many) and nearest my mother. This photograph of Wakehurst Place was captured …

alistairWakehurst Place
Beached boat

Beached boat

Let me make one thing clear; I’m really not a fan of the overuse of focus effects that are really popular right now. There’s way too much of the “LOOK AT ME, I’VE GOT A TILT AND SHIFT!!!111ELEVEN” going on (although these guys probably can’t stand HDR – I’m cool with that…) But, every now and again there’s an image …

alistairBeached boat
Hastings pier

Hastings pier

I have fond memories of Hastings’ pier, from when I was a child. I grew up in Maidstone, and we adopted it as our own beach venue! Crazy golf when it was nice, and hours spent in the amusements when it was raining; Hastings dove have it’s fair share of entertainment. Needless to say wet weekends in Hastings led, in …

alistairHastings pier
St Bartholomew's Church, Brighton

St Bartholomew’s Church, Brighton

It’s only just over a week since I visited St Bartholomew’s, Smithfield, London and by sheer coincidence I found myself outside the beautiful St Bartholomew’s in Brighton today. It is the highest parish church in Europe, according to the information inside.

alistairSt Bartholomew’s Church, Brighton

Sussex coastal beach huts (pas) à la mode

Be contrarian… If everyone else is doing it – it’s probably a bad idea! I live by this mantra, and when faced with some bright, high saturation beach huts, what other option do I have than to de-saturate and add a vintage feel to them!? (I suppose the retro-look is also fashionable, but you see what I’m trying to achieve…)

alistairSussex coastal beach huts (pas) à la mode

Seaford, Sussex – view from the beach

Had a client meeting in Seaford, and used the opportunity to take a view snaps around and about. Shooting into the sun should be used with caution – notice the (deliberate) lens flare!

alistairSeaford, Sussex – view from the beach