Cyberpunk - Canary Wharf

More Cyberpunk – London

There can’t be many places in the world that are as versatile to photograph as London. Despite my love for the Cyberpunk genre and moody photographs, I’ve spent woefully little time in Canary Wharf. Here is a shot of Canada Square; I hope William Gibson would be proud!

alistairMore Cyberpunk – London
NYC Toytown 2

NYC Toytown 2

This night-time shot of the Madison Square Garden area was taken from the Empire State Building, and post-processed in Photoshop to give the Tilt-Shift effect, and capture the highlights, without losing the lowlights.

alistairNYC Toytown 2

Meson Puerta Jurez – Restaurante

My good buddy, photographer and fine artist Martin Lang had his stag do in Spain, co-organised by me and the best man. Despite the main event being punctuated by Tapas, Cañas, more Tapas and Cerveza I managed to capture this awesomely quaint restaurant around the golden hour.

alistairMeson Puerta Jurez – Restaurante
Bus to nowhere

We’re so pretty, oh so pretty

I imagine many people won’t get this picture, if you do – I’m impressed – I keep meaning to do a ‘likes good music’ list on Twitter; chances are you should probably on it (unless you don’t use Twitter of course). In any regard, I stumbled across this pub in Deptford, which was well stocked with music lovers; and what …

alistairWe’re so pretty, oh so pretty